Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Parking at Winthrop Univeristy

Students are preparing for another year of classes at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C.

Students need to have a parking pass at Winthrop University in order to park on campus to walk to their classes. The parking pass cost returning students 75 dollars to obtain.

Even with a parking pass it is still a long walk for students loaded down with books to get to class.

“Commuter parking is awful,” said Ramie Pratt, 25, a biology senior.

Commuter parking places are mostly located across the street away from the main buildings where the students attend classes. Though, resident parking is located right on campus.

“Why do the residents get to park at the front, and commuters have to walk so far,” said Pratt. “A lot of other universities have commuter parking close to the school and resident parking away from campus.”

Though, other students find no problem with the parking on campus.

“Never bothers me, I see people really irate by it, but I always find a parking space right next to Withers,” said Rachel Copeland, 23, an early childhood education major.

Parking in a wrong spot on campus can even put a hole in a student’s pocket.

Pratt said on the first day of her spring classes in 2007 she parked in a faculty parking space by mistake and got a ticket for a fine of 40 dollars.

“Tickets and police will rape you,” Pratt said.

Students can get parking passes at Winthrop University by filling a registration card at Winthrop University Campus Police located at 526 Mrytle Drive, Rock Hill, S.C.

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